Our Services:

24h Towing

We have emergency services on stand-by 24-hours every day. Our combined networks are trained to handle all types of situations. Canadian Towing is able to organize just about every kind of emergency situation you can imagine.

Boosting Service

It happens all the time. Your tank runs on empty and you find yourself on the side of the road. You get to your car after a long day at work and find that you left the lights on so the battery is dead. These aren’t just frustrating situations they can be dangerous, costly, and leave you in the worst position. This is why you should keep our number in your phone at all times.

Fuel Services

So you really thought you could make it, but your car had a different idea. It’s all good, we deliver! Nobody has to know. Give us a call and save yourself from being the butt of every joke for the rest of forever.

Junk Car Removal

If your car has been totaled beyond repair, or this last fender bender is just one too many passed worth fixing, we can pick up what’s left and take it to the junk yard.